Bordeaux France

We travelled from Copenhagen airport with two kiddos in tow. It wasn't the smoothest trip as we had a layover in Brussels and our Toddler, does not like to be contained. Thankfully, our in-laws joined us on our trip and they were a tremendous help. It was four against two kids and we were still out numbered:) Traveling through Europe is not the same with 5 suitcases, 1 bassinet, and 2 strollers. We arrived in Bordeaux and had a 2 hour drive to the Chateau. It was worth the wait and long travel day as we were pleasantly surprised with the sprawling property and endless activities for the kids. They had sheep, chickens, tractors, and a lovely pool to enjoy, on those hot, summer, french days. Each meal involved a large Charcuterie plate and local wines. The Chateau was a bit off the beaten path, however, once we got used to it, we allowed ourselves to disconnect and unwind. The kids went swimming everyday, ran around and no cares in the world. We decided on this vacation because a friend from the St. Francis Yacht Club was getting married. The Chateaus in the area are a must see, along with the rolling hills, filled with sunflowers and dramatic trees that have been there for hundred's of years. I point this out because on the wedding day, it was hot, humid, and blue skies. We left for the wedding around 1pm, not knowing what was going to happen to our chateau while we were away. There was some confusion with the owners about responsibilities from our large party that had consumed every room at the Chateau. The owner, unfortunately, never mentioned that windows and doors need to be closed when not at home. The wedding ceremony was gorgeous, followed by a clear blues skies for the cocktail hour. As we made our way down to the tents, storm rolled in, faster then I could process what was about to happen. We had 135km winds, 30 men holding the tent down so it wouldn't fly away and we no longer have shelter, and no food available as it was located in a different tent where the staff was about to serve us. This went on for a couple hours. All we had in the tent was wine, which I'm sure you can imagine what happened to the guest. The power went out in 200 villages. 10 foot mirrors came crashing down the grand entrance staircase. Everyone walked away, unscathed. I must say, the bride and groom were troopers through the entire ordeal. The first dance was without music and finally, it was calm enough for the men to let go of the tent and the staff to serve dinner as quickly as possible in fear of more weather. Scott and Kaitlyn love good wines, so everyone was happy. We decided to peel off and head home as power lines were down, trees were covering the roads, and our drive was going to take longer then expected. Apparently while we went away, the DJ brought a generator over, music started at 11, and the wedding festivities carried on into the night.

The following day, assessing the damage was a bit of a task. Broken windows, doors, glass tables, etc all over the property. This was Wednesday night and when we left on Friday, there still was not power, hot water, or ability to fully embrace the countryside of France. Would I go there again? Absolutely. It was such a relaxing, breathtaking vacation, which allowed us to completely unwind and go with the flow. If you need any recommendations, feel free to reach out.

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