Wilder and the case of RSV

Well... Just when you think life has handed you everything you can handle, it taps you on the shoulder, and challenges you beyond what you think you are capable. Ford came home a week ago with a virus. Low grade fever, cough, and snuggly:). Took him to the doctor, along with Wilder to make sure he wasn’t coming down with something. We kept Ford home from school for 3 days, which seemed to help him tremendously, but unfortunately the result of that decision and protecting the other kids at school, Wilder is now in the hospital. It all started when I thought I was losing my mind from lack of sleep, but in actuality my family was all in the process of spreading the love(aka RSV) to one another. I thought Wilder was becoming more dependent on mom so I should sleep train him. Turns out, he was dependent on mom because he is only 8 wks old and was about to take a nose dive and his body would not be able to fight it off. I had my 8 wk check up on Friday to get the go ahead for exercise and check my incision. Turns out, I have a small case of the Diastisis Recti and need to continue to take it easy with heavy lifting, abdominal strength training or exercises, and let time heal. Hard to say that to someone who loves to workout and push myself to the limits. Going to listen to the docs though because my body is worth the wait.

Wednesday, Wilder was not feeling well, but thought maybe a minor cold. Thursday he was coughing and didn’t sleep at all the night before. I was monitoring his temp, pees, alertness, and feedings and everything was still ok. Rasmus was working late this week, so these decisions fell on my shoulders. As a mom, you always feel like your overanalyzing, being dramatic, or to quick to call the doc. I thought “well, I have an appointment myself in the morning, I will just bring him in with me as your family has 1 doctor that they see. You don’t see pediatrician, unless it is important. That morning, at 7:30, I thought, maybe I should bring him in? He’s coughing a lot more and had a very sleepless night. Then I thought, “it’s only 2 hours, I’m sure it can wait”. So I show up to my appointment which they tell me to make another appointment later in the day for Wilder as they need to do a full exam on him and maybe I should go shopping. Shopping?!?! I just told you my son was sick and is 8 wks old, but ok. So I went home, made lunch, and promptly brought him back where he was seen by a male doctor. He took one look at him and said you need to go to the hospital. Something is not right. I can’t pinpoint it, but something just doesn’t seem ordinary. So I picked Rasmus up from the home, packed a small bag, and off we went. We arrived at the children’s ward, checked in off we went to a private room, where they sent viral panel, blood gas, and full exam to determine RSV. He was very stable at the time. No labored breathing, awake, coughing, and responding to saline flushes that I could do at home with him. They gave us the option to stay or go, but encouraged us that his symptoms at this point were stable and not a lot they would do over night, except monitoring , which we could do at home. So we went home, had dinner, and suddenly noticed Wilder was working harder to breath and would have episodes where he would hold his breath, become bright red and blue in the face for a few seconds and then breath again. At that point, it was beyond my medical comfort level and we packed up the family, hopped in the car, and off we went. They admitted us right then and there because he had an episode upon arrival to the hospital. Everyone was very professional, HIGHLY qualified, and comforting during a time of mental chaos for mom. “Why did I move here, where is my support system, what the hell are they even saying as I stare at my husband in hopes of translation.” Overnight, he stabilized, we gave Nebulizer treatments, saline boluses in each name, and continuous suction. By morning, he wasn’t worse and wasn’t better. You know, the Danish system is smart to have really uncomfortable, depressing rooms; so when they give you the option to leave, you already have one foot out the door!!The docs came in and said he isn’t better nor worse and the virus wont peak for another day or two. You can stay if you wish, or you can come back if he needs medical assistance and starts to decline. We will give you our direct line and already know you. After sleeping on a bench, staring at my partially breathing. I was desperate for a nap and a “good nights rest, so I was jumping at the opportunity to go home. We came home, watched movies, snuggled, and made a delightful dinner. Wilder was in good spirits, stable enough to take turns that night monitoring him, and we woke up refreshed. I went outside to pump the bike wheels and take Ford on an Icey bike adventure to get out of the house. The plan was to feed Wilder and then have some time with Ford, that I never get anymore. Thank god that we did because our morning went to hell in a hand bag. Wilder ate, had secretions, then puked while giving him his Tylenol suppository laying flat. After that episode, he just never recovered. Was working really hard to breath, packed up the car, and off the family went back to the hospital. So here we are, day 4 of being in and out of the hosptial where we will remain for the duration of his illness. He is fighting hard to stay off breathing machine, but we have had multiple close calls. He is not eating as much, copious amounts of secretions, using accessory muscles to breath, and becoming more and more tired because of all the effort. We are optimistic that we will be out of here in a few days and still able to make our trip to Spain in two weeks. Doctors have given us hope that we just have to let the virus run its course while on oxygen and respiratory treatments in the hospital. So here we are back in a hosptial bed, barely using our muscles, but hoping for a brighter day tomorrow.

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