2 month recap

Well I haven’t posted in two months. Due to the fact that mom was here for 3 weeks and I was soaking in every minute with her and the other key factor is taking care of newborn with a very rambunctious know it all 2.5yr old boy:). The days slip away and all run together.

So far, what do I think of Denmark? Well, I absolutely love our beautiful home and the time I have had with my immediate growing family of four. I’m not one to sit around and not have plans. I actually crave a full schedule, overlapping plans, being outdoors half the day, and planning and replanting my life, activities, and social gatherings. SOOO... Being in Denmark, where the weather is “Nordic” like, no friends, can’t speak the language, and just now figuring out how to go to the grocery store without the help of others, had challenged me in ways I never knew, before we took this big adventure head on( with multiple set backs, illnesses, no furniture and 9 months pregnant, a toddler who loves to scream and trapped indoors, but who’s really paying attention to the details).

I am growing personally and becoming a better mother because I am forced to change. It is very humbling. My kids are my life and I never thought I would say that. I have to learn to sit with myself and find ways to entertain myself, other then climbing a mountain or meeting up with friends for play dates. So for that, I thank you Denmark. For everything else, verdict is still out:)

To be honest, I am so busy with the kiddos, I don’t know when I would see anyone outside of my home anyway. We were in airbnb for a month, I gave birth via Csection and have been “recovering” from that, Rasmus had Pneumonia and 103 fever while he was suppose to be taking care of me, Ford was sick, started a new school, and now Wilder is in the hospital. Which I will get to in a later post.

So... this is a perfect time to live in a foreign country, learn about another culture and way of life, teach my children another language, and truly appreciate and miss California. I always knew Northern California was home, but I didn’t really wrap my arms around it, until I left and am looking back. I loved everything about my everyday. That being said, I am starting to love everything about my everyday here:). My son is thriving in School, already learning the language, I can do mild workouts and go to the gym, love cooking again, planning trips, and trying to reinvent myself.

I found out I have a work permit here, so just need to find out if my education transfers, what type of job I can get, and then go out and find it. I know I sound crazy, but I love working. I love working with people. We are getting an Au Pair in May, Ford is in school from 9-4, so I MUST find a job, a hobby, or friends STAT!

We have met our neighbors across the street. She is my age, has a 3 yr old girl, is pregnant with a boy, and Is a nurse!! We had her family over for an afternoon on a Sunday and I can see we are going to be great friends with a lot in common. They are naming their son Theodore and will call him TEO. If you can believe it, the other name they were deciding between, was Wilder. I know, I know. That’s not even an American name, how could a danish couple be thinking of it. I personally think it is my dad, sending my signs that everything is going to be ok. Really what are the chances. So as I sit here and write, I am so grateful for every opportunity I have had in my life that has lead me here today. We are going to travel all over Europe, my goal is to get into Cosmetic nursing, and buy a little place in Italy. My husbands goals are very different:). He wants to make a bunch of money, move to Switzerland 🇨🇭, before moving back to California, and a place in france. I’m sure we can compromise. Always good to have hope and goals because that is living. Pushing yourself beyond today, but being content with what today brings.

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