Attempted to put myself out there

Well I spent the morning researching on Danish websites to find Playgroup, mommy and me groups, or really anything to get out of the house.  I found this "reliable" website because it was in English and was called fitmumms.  I thought for sure I would find friends on this site and something I would find interesting.  I found playgroup get togethers at a church in Hellerup.  I would compare this area of town to Pac Heights/ Fillmore st in SF.  It is a beautiful, mellow, child friendly neighborhood right by the water.  We wanted to buy there, but the market was slim and we had a timeline.  

After wrestling Ford for about 30 minutes to get him out the door with warm clothing on, we were on our way!  I put a diaper on him for the first time in 2 weeks because the day before, he was so excited to play in the snow, he shit himself twice:) . Made for multiple loads of laundry, multiple baths, back tracking on potty training, and self doubt for momma.  It was definitely my fault yesterday because we were planning on driving into the city until we realized our car does not do that well in the snow and I'm already intimidated on the danish roads.  So we decided to explore our neighborhood.  I am so glad we did because I realized how beautiful our neighborhood is and found a private school down the street that looks like a castle!! Unfortunately, Ford can't go for 2 more years, but at least we know and getting on a waiting list now.  I feel like all I do is pay for waiting list and research schools and then move:) . Kind of a hobby of mine:) . 

We arrived at the church and a really handsome blond hair, blue eyed Janitor let us in.  I asked about the playgroup that was scheduled for 9:15 and he looked a little confused.  He left to find someone who could answer my questions.  In the meantime, Ford and I went exploring around the church until the Janitor came back and started showing pictures of his son, who looks exactly like Ford!!! Literally, spitting image of Ford.  He then proceeded to say that maybe he was the father of my son and my next son would look like him.  Danish humor?! I could see my husband saying something like that to a 8 month pregnant women in the states:) . We learned that  the playgroup doesn’t exist, nor did it ever exist according to the young lady who worked there for many years.  I showed her the website and she began to think of what it could possibly be?!She welcomed Ford to stay and play in the children’s room that is set up for church mass, which Ford found zero interest in.  He was more interested in running up and down the isle and going up on the alter.  It’s so quiet in the church and Ford loves his echo, so we B-lined it for the door before we would never be invited back!  Not that I’m going to spend a lot of time in the church with a 2 yr old, but still would rather keep any all options open as we are both losing our minds collectively, with each other all day long at home.  

We are back at the house. Had our traditional open faced sandwiches for lunch and now resting up before the big trip to the library.  They have rooms for kiddos, books lining the walls, toys, scooters, etc.  So I guess I will play it safe until I really find a group for Ford.  On the way home from Hellerup, Ford started crying saying "I want to go find friends."  It broke my heart. 

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