Well... I must say, moving into an empty house, no internet, no belongings, and a terrorist has made for a long week. Did I mention my son decided to turn into a terrorist once we moved into the house?? I'm not sure if it has to do with his lack of toys, 9th home in 3 months, went from 5 activities a day to none, the fact that he has to spend everyday with mom, he is not used to being inside except to sleep, or potty training. We have literally been reading the same 4 books everyday since we arrived in Denmark. Poor guy. You are probably wondering why I don't just buy books here? Well... they are in a language I don't speak!! I can't read anything to him!! Now that I am a house wife, I am the one that puts Ford to bed at night, which means story time is up to me. Normally, I would use my creative mind, but being 8 months pregnant, fat, not exercising, eating this crazy weird danish food; I have no energy to use my imagination. I can barely walk from Pelvic pain, I don't sleep, and I have a toddler. I am sure most of you reading this, can relate.

The good news, I love having no stuff. Really simplifies your wardrobe, cleaning, and options to cook. We have 3 pans, a spatula, wine glasses, water glasses, and silverware. You should see our wine cellar though. We have spent thousands, stocking up for post delivery:) . Priorities.

So let me recap this week. If I leave the house, Ford drops a nuclear bomb on me right when enough people are around to judge my parenting and question the mental stability of my child:) . I am so fat that I can't pick him up, I can't reason with him, I try bribing, but I end up dragging him away so we can have some privacy for the next 30 minutes when he screams and cries until he hyperventilates and falls asleep. I'm not being dramatic at all!! This really happens and people keep telling me this is "normal" and "terrible twos." Thank god I left the country because we wouldn't have any friends left! I also have PTSD and wouldn't leave the house anyway.

The house is a dream!! Will post pics! 4 levels is almost to much!! I am so lazy that Rasmus and I play pape/rock/scissors if we leave something on the wrong floor:) . Our garden is beautiful and we plan on getting a built in trampoline once the ground is no longer frozen. We also have the perfect area for a fort that we plan to build for Ford!! When I say "WE" I mean anyone, but me. I will be inside talking myself out of drinking a glass of wine at 9am. I need my SF/Marin friends to justify my wine consumption:) .

We are debating on Au Pair, but they are all from Phillipines, which doesn't seem to benefit my son or myself in regards to learning another language. Thats all I need is my son to speak Tagalog and Danish. We might as well move to the woods and live off the land:O) . I hope you can sense my sarcasm because I can't joke around with people here! They don't understand my sense of humor. I jokingly talked about finding a slave to live with me and I am pretty sure that didn't go over well. Good thing they just blame it on being American and not just me. Seriously though, How great would a slave be?!?! Clean your house, do your laundry, cook for you, watch your children. We thought that is what Au Pairs were, but apparently they have rules, regulations, and they can only work 30hours a week!! Nobody works here!! They all just want to sit by a fire, drink warm wine(glogg), eat Carbohydrates on top of more Carbohydrates, and have the government run everything!! It is fascinating to me. Insert a lot of joking, sarcasm, and not really how I feel!! I promise I am a nice person who respects all beings. I mean... I would pay them!! ok. I will stop::) . I have never had to do all of this myself!!! Cleaning, cooking(no wholefoods), babysitting(I mean, being a mother), and educating(TV) my son because we haven't heard from the schools.

It may sound like I am questioning my decision to move here, which I do every day, but I am seriously so glad we are here and I know I will look back on this experience and be a better person because of it. I know these life lessons are invaluable, and this time spent with my children and no distractions, is not something I would get anywhere else in the states. I am a vey social person, but hate simplifying my thoughts and words so that people can understand me. Pretty sure they think I am just an idiot:() . which is fine by me. Less talking, more time with my inner self:) .

Anyone who is reading this, please know I love you so much and miss you more then you know!! Don't forget about us!! we are coming back at somepoint!! We are already planning our trips this year, which consist of France twice, Norway for cross country skiing because I can't ski due to recovery from Csection, Italy, and Greece. Also, will be in the states for a month this summer.

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