Baby is definitely growing. 6 lbs today and doing well. I'm huge. Can't believe I have another month left to go. Really hoping my body will bounce back after the second baby. Might take more work, but will definitely make it happen. Actually looking forward to seeing my feet again and training for another race. SO, I'm not sure if I mentioned my discussion with the MD last week. I was so excited that I would feel a little more at ease after having a discussion with MD. I was mistaken. Little did I know that she would spend the entire visit trying to convince me to have a VBAC. I didn't even want a vaginal birth with the first baby, why would I want to risk doing it after I have already cut into my abdomen and have a scar to prove my dedication as a mother:). I left in tears. I was so confused why anyone would risk having a baby vaginally after already having a csection. They also mentioned, they wouldn't have pain medications after discharge home. Thankfully, I had the forethought to pack my previous prescription from the last csection. SO....hopefully, pain will be managed the American way and not with Chammolie tea:).

Today, during my scan, when I thought they couldn't shock me anymore, the medical professional decided to suggest a home birth!! I cried when they said no narcotics, why on gods green earth would I have a home birth????? Are they absolutely insane?? She kept talking about how natural she was and how natural she wanted everything in her life to be. Well I do to, but there is nothing natural about having a bloody mess at home and risk the health of baby and or myself. That's just silly talk. What is wrong with these people??? HOME BIRTH??? I will continue to keep faith in the medical healthcare system here in Denmark and trust that I'm not insane for moving to a foreign country 2 months before baby is due, even though I am in love with my Docs in SF. When will someone ever

talk sense into me??? How did I make these decisions????

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