First Playdate

So we bought a stroller and went to our first playdate this morning as a family. We drove South of Copenhagen, which I had never been! Rasmus being the chatty guy that he is, met an American in the passport line, when we first moved to Denmark. She has lived here for 3 yrs and has a danish husband and 2 yr old son. They were very nice to open their home and provide brunch for us. It was nice to have plans and chat with like minded Americans. They have already been supportive and very informative in regards to moving to another country, navigating the Danish websites, parks, schools, Christmas parties, and buying baby items. As Rasmus put it, not sure if these are starters friends or someone we see in our future. We are also not sure how they felt about us as we did talk about Rasmus when he goes "Full Mencke" and exposes himself. Not sure they were very receptive to our humor:)

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My entire life I have had a very curious soul who loves to travel, meet amazing people, and experience all that life has to offer.  Little did I know, doing so, while 7 months pregnant, with a two year old, would be the biggest adventure yet.  Here I am today, in Denmark, where I don't speak the language, no longer working, and recreating my inner self.  Follow my blog and daily adventures.


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