We finally have a car!!

You really don't know how important certain items in your life are until they are gone. For instance, transportation. Uber is illegal in Denmark and I am to intimidated to take public transportation with Ford(my little ticking time bomb). So for the last few weeks, well when we weren't on lock down with every illness you can imagine, we have been walking everywhere. Sounds like a good idea when you aren't 30-33 weeks pregnant and your insides want to be on the outside. It has been quite unpleasant, but so is staying inside with a 2 yr old boy!!

We love the car. Station wagons are not as big as you think, when you purchase one. We had to forgo our favorite stroller because it wouldn't fit in our car. We had to buy another stroller, carseat, and bassinet because our belongings will not arrive before baby. Soooooo.... We have a car, we move into our empty home a week from Friday, and we have the necessities to get baby home from hospital, and new beds to lay our head:) . It is the little things in life that you really take for granted. Ford and I have been without "our home, toys, beds, clothes, and belongings, since Sept 27th. My 20yr old self would have loved this adventure. My 30 yr old pregnant self, with a toddler, is questioning my thought process and inability to say no and think things through:) . Here is to a really good story for our children!! We wouldn't have been able to handle the last couple months without the love and support from everyone who has opened their homes to us. I can't thank you all enough for making this transition easier, supported with love. We really miss our family in California and everyone who has touched our lives.

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