Ford is officially a Dane!

Today I realized how safe and kid friendly Denmark is and the people just love his curly hair!! We negotiated his Jacket for 20 minutes today, which is 10 minutes less then yesterday and I didn't even have to wrestle him like he is some sort of wild animal on the loose!! It was really refreshing to leave the house and still have a few brain cells and slightly more energy. As we walked down the streets of Copenhagen, this lovely lady came up to Ford and started petting his hair. She had a box of Pastries and pulled one out to give to Ford. They both looked at me and I just thought, why wouldn't I trust anyone in Denmark? Everyone is so kind, helpful, and loves kids. In California, never would I ever allow a random on the street to feed my child anything!! Here, you leave your children outside, while you go enjoy a hot cocoa inside. I have tried a few times, but Ford just screams mom on the top of his lungs and I can hear it through the windows:) . We also stumbled upon a gaggle of toddlers all nestled inside an oversized wagon, ready to face any element of weather that Denmark has in store. All in all, another day of exploring the city, but I am ready to move into our home and start nesting before this baby arrives. Unfortunately, I will remain with my one suitcase full of clothes until baby arrives, as our belongings will not be here before then. We will have a ceremony where we burn all of our clothes that we have all been forced to wear since Sept 27th in all 3 fireplaces at the same time!! Can't wait.

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