The outdoor parks in Copenhagen

Today was a very successful day for Ford and I, Given the fact that it only took us 39 minutes of negotiation to get him to put boots and jacket on. We have not even attempted to start with gloves and hats. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I have a very strong willed, stubborn child!! Today we only had to walk 5 miles round trip. It was about 40 degrees and sunny and you would think that it was a hot summer day. Everyone is out on bicycles, sitting outside coffee shops, having lunch outside, and just enjoying the day outside. Starting to have a completely different perspective on weather, the outdoors, how easy it is to acclimate, and just enjoy what you have today. We made it to this outdoor park for Toddlers, which consisted of, but not limited to, bicycles, tricycles, wheel barrels, other rideable toys, sand toys, trucks everywhere, and toys galore. Nothing like any park I have ever experienced. They even have people working at the parks to help with the kiddos, navigate toys, and allow parents to sit and enjoy their toddler. We spent an hour at the park, then went and walked around the lake, where Ford introduced himself to everyone who passed by. We walked over to the outdoor christmas markets, bustling with hot drinks, warmed wine, anything wool or sheepskin you can imagine, and the smell of the holidays. We bought baby boy2 a full winter wool suit, with a double layered fleece wearable blanket with slips to unzip and buckle in and out of carseats. Ford then negotiated his stroller and blanket for french fries and hummus. We actually sat down and enjoyed lunch together. I chose a hole in the wall, in case lunch was a complete failure, but Ford redeemed himself and we may just try an outing again tomorrow!

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