New belongings as the old will be stuck in customs before baby arrives.

Rasmus and I woke up at 7:30am on our own, without our son. We love Ford, but I also love feeling connected with my husband. It is the little things in life that matter most, after children. We had a slow morning leaving the house, found a trendy hip brunch spot, bustling with youngster trying to tackle a hangover. Breakfast was perfect. We talked, laughed, and enjoyed each others company. I might add, we found the smallest breakfast spot, with the smallest tables, the warmest coffee, and no strollers allowed:) . It was glorious... We then spent the rest of the day purchasing bed, changing table, pots, pans, towels, etc as our belongings will not arrive before the baby is born. I couldn't bare another month without belongings that I can call my own. We will do our best to create a home without our personal belongings and still the 9 suitcases that I want to burn, with everything in it!! I can't stand these clothes I have been wearing, literally over and over for months!! It was a very successful day. Just hope the bed will arrive the day we arrive at the house.

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