Rasmus parents picked up Ford at 10am and instead of heading out to see the city, I went directly to a quiet room, no sounds, lights out and slept until 12:30. It was heaven. After I woke up, out of guilt and hunger, went to check things out around Copenhagen. What a beautiful city, with cobble stone roads, perfectly manicured allies filled with pedestrians nestled in wool blankets, enjoying an afternoon tea and wine. 31wks pregnant makes a city adventure a little less adventurous. If you read my previous post, my 90yr old self was wishing she was home watching netflix and sipping hot cocoa. What happened to Cortney?? Rasmus came home around 5 and we went for Italian. It was the only thing my heartburn could handle. It is so nice to sit across from your husband without the distractions of a 2 yr old and just talk. We finished dinner, went home after peeping through windows, cuddled up on the couch, exactly where we are supposed to be. I love Ford, but I don't miss him and I don't think he misses me:) He was ready for FaFa and FaMa to follow him around and do everything for him. They just spoil him like a grandparent should:) . They really look forward to their time with him, which makes it so much easier to relax. Even paid help, I feel bad for because he is such a lovely handful:) . Lucky to live near family where both parties win.

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