When you walk 5miles in search for goats. City life...

Ford and I had a very ambitious day. We woke up, went to our daily pastry shop, had our traditional danish delights, and set out for the park that has goats you can play with. It was suppose to rain, but we were so desperate to get out and go on an adventure, that we would have put up with anything. It was quite the experience for a toddler. Who doesn't want a park in the middle of the city, with chickens, ponies, goats, and tricycles. It really was a magical place for kiddos, despite the rain and lack of rain gear. Sorry Ford, for your freezing cold feet and wet fleece onesie. We left the house on foot at 9am and finally made it home at 3pm. I was absolutely crushed. My pregnant body feels like a 90yr old with arthritis and frequent urination problems:) . Peter, our favorite Dane, came for dinner at our flat in Copenhagen. My meal plan consists of food items I recognize without having to read and understand Danish. I made potato soup, pesto pasta, and sausage. All items I could recognize based on color:)

Tradition where Toddlers leave their pacifiers behind when they are ready. I will never let Ford part with his Wuby...

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My entire life I have had a very curious soul who loves to travel, meet amazing people, and experience all that life has to offer.  Little did I know, doing so, while 7 months pregnant, with a two year old, would be the biggest adventure yet.  Here I am today, in Denmark, where I don't speak the language, no longer working, and recreating my inner self.  Follow my blog and daily adventures.


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