Big lofty goals today and I fainted

Well, I woke up feeling like I have been feeling for the last week. Was discouraged by my lack of energy and appetite, but refused to let anything stand in our way of getting out of the flat and exploring Copenhagen. I showered, got dressed and suddenly the light of day disappeared from my vision and suddenly felt an immanent sense of loss. Loss of feeling, loss of sight, loss of control. My blood pressure at the doctors office was 99/60 and guessing my blood sugar was also low. This happened with the last pregnancy where I had to have food with me at all times and eat often. I thought this pregnancy was different. I think the combination between flu, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, and lethargy created the perfect storm. It didn't last long. I felt dizzy, light headed for at least 45 minutes. By that time, we were able to get a hold of the hospital and request how to proceed. Just as I suspected, I put my feet up, ate 3 pastries, 2 gallons of water and slept the day away. Thankfully, I am back on the mend and just recovering from flu and no longer concerned with fainting spells. Thankfully, Rasmus took Ford to see the castle and explore the city. Always tomorrow!!

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