Language may be an issue

Today, Ford and I woke up feeling like our nostrils were slowly drying up and our spirits much higher. We had a big day ahead of us. We were going back to the General Practioner who had been appointed by the government near our new home. Rasmus parents offered to pick us up so we didn't have to take the train. What a luxury! On our way to the doctor, I asked if it would be alright to stop and purchase a water. We had plenty of time prior to our appointment and the closest stop was grocery store. I was elated to have someone watching Ford that I got a little carried away in the grocery store and decided to hide out for a while! I just needed a little brake and to actually learn which carton is really milk. 30 minutes slipped away and Rasmus dad became worried and came to find me. We have a slight language barrier, so it was hard to explain why it took so long and why I wanted to spend more time in the grocery store then with my son:)

We arrived 20 minutes early and the only thing on my phone that works is solitaire. I continue to beat my personal record! Who knew I even liked cards! I am learning so much about myself in this foreign country:) . Rasmsus has changed his number to a Danish number, but I am not ready to part with mine, nor am I ready to carry around 2 phones, so cards will have to do:) . The appointment went "well" and took 2 hours. I encouraged Rasmus not to join and miss another day of work because I assumed, like everyone has told me, that everyone speaks English. Well, medicine doesn't exactly translate that well to another language and I was talking with a trainee. We spent a lot of time on google trying to decipher what she was really asking. We completed our conversation with her asking "if there is any concern that I may have?" I simply and unintentionally, started balling. I expressed my concern with my background in medicine, the inability to communicate or understand clearly what is being asked, I show up in a random country and the government just appoints a doctor, and you said they will make an incision above the incision I already have! Oh Vey....

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