Sixth disease

Aside from my sons legs caught in a revolving door, it was an uneventful day. We finally received "government" permission to get our residency cards so we can move forward with seeking medical care. While waiting for our cards to be printed off, Ford decided to play in the revolving door. As a parent, you have to be quick and smart and if you initiate cat and mouse, they will only run further. So I was acting like I was not paying attention and started approaching slowly. Ford proceeded to run, tripped head first, while entering revolving door and fell. His body was half way in and no censor was indicating door to stop. As a mother, my catlike reflexes( 7 months pregnant), slid into home base, landed on my derriere, and pulled him out just before the revolving door was going to continue trapping his legs and moving forward. Needless to say, security came running over with a wheelchair to make sure I wasn't going to go into labor(Insert the fact that I am not that fat). We got up, acting like this was an everyday occurrence, grabbed our cards, and went on our way.

We had a scheduled Doctors appointment at 1:45, which confirmed our suspicion of Sixth Disease. Ford had broken out in rash from Head to Toe, 24 hours after fever broke. The good news is that things were only going to start improving for all of us, the bad news is that I am falling ill and barely able to remain vertical. Ford finally had his appetite back, drinking fluids, happy, and not screaming from the top of his lungs for 12 hours. We were also able to schedule my OBGYN appointment for Friday, which will hopefully alleviate some of this stress. So friday, Ford and I will venture out, take a train, and head to Rungsted for the morning. I'm sure we will have plenty of stories to tell.

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