First day without a Dane Guide

Well... Apparently I have been spoiled in Denmark with a Danish Husband. Who knew going to the grocery store would be so difficult!! I came home with Sour cream instead of Yogurt, cottage cheese instead of milk, and cookies instead of crackers!! I realized at that point that the learning curve may take longer then I thought. I was really counting on getting by with at least, the basics.

It was a really long day as Ford was having high fevers, eye drainage, lethargic, clingy, inconsolable crying, and terrible congestion. We survived the day with Moana and Hot Chocolate. Two things I said as a mom, I would never allow. We were just so worried about him getting dehydrated, that we were pushing anything on him. Back to Denmark doing things differently.... They don't have pedialyte, Childrens Tylenol, Motrin, or popsicles. All of our life lines when Ford is sick. Thankfully I did pack two bottles of Motrin and a bottle of Tylenol just in case. Mom, if your reading this, can you send me a care package of baby and infant Motrin, flinestone vitamins, temporal thermometer, and benedryl?!

I slept in Fords room because I was so worried about him. Needless to say, it was a long day and evening, but we are all here(insert me rolling my eyes). Just need a break...

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