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Our son is the only champ that has managed to flip flop houses, time zones, and cribs. Rasmus and I have both been taken down by the 0100am wake up and up until 5:30am. We both managed to sleep in until 9:30 because our son excels at sleeping. This is his best trait to date. Our goal is to outfit our 4,500 sq ft home, or at least start with the essentials. Our friend Peter, who lives in Denmark decided to be our furniture tour guide. We started with IKEA thinking we would attempt to find big pieces that we liked. No such luck. Apparently, there is a difference between cheap furniture and quality furniture:) . Our next stop was the top rated Furniture store in Denmark and we left there with a massive couch, custom dining room table, custom leather lounge chairs, and entry room chairs with foot stools for reading! Not sure if we impulsively panicked or genuinely saw our vision of what we wanted the house to look. We do have a time crunch as baby boy 2 is here in 10 weeks. That is the delivery time on furniture!!!

We rushed back to check on our son because we all know, when he is awake, it is a full time job for 2 adults and Rasmus poor mom has a broken arm. When Ford woke up from his nap, he was super congested, drainage coming from his eyes, and feverish. Of course we don't have a doctor lined up. He began throwing up, in addition to everything else going on. We showered him, cuddled him, and drove back to Copenhagen to get him home. Rasmus mom called her doctor to discuss the importance of bringing him to hospital and his advice was to put Chamomile tea in his eyes!!! Boy things are different in Denmark....

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My entire life I have had a very curious soul who loves to travel, meet amazing people, and experience all that life has to offer.  Little did I know, doing so, while 7 months pregnant, with a two year old, would be the biggest adventure yet.  Here I am today, in Denmark, where I don't speak the language, no longer working, and recreating my inner self.  Follow my blog and daily adventures.


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